Sunday, September 30, 2012

Happy Birthday Zac

Happy Birthday to the littlest member of our family, sweet Zac.
It was a year ago when I finally got to meet you, and it was with great excitement and anticipation!
What a massive privilege and honor it was to hold you for those precious few moments! You have forever changed your Auntie' heart. and for that I want to thank you!
Thank you for showing me the intensity of Abba heart and His love for us.
I know that you were created and born for purpose, and I am so incredibly blessed to be part of your story.
I love you, sweet Zac, the Lion Heart.
All of my love xx

Monday, September 24, 2012

Kenzie's Party

 Hip hip hooray!! It's party time!
Jumping castle?


Let the fun begin...

We'll add a few friends into the mix,

(Ahhh Tremayne, the gentle giant, who Kenz adores!)

We'll add a few beauties into the mix, in the form of Ashleigh, Sabrina and our very own Janique,

Some duelling princes,
and a ball, of course!

Then we have a great recipe for a stunning birthday party!
Precious moments shared with our hero over some birthday cake...sigh...

Blow out those candles!
All of them if you please.

Cut that ice-cream cake, quick!

Do y'all also scream when you get to the bottom of it?
We do (^^,)

Ice cream cake is the best, right Zack? (Famous member of the Klassen 4)

OK, finally time to get down to the serious business of opening those pressies

Thank you precious peeps
for celebrating

with me!

I've have had such a wonderful day!

Filled with treasured people, who love me!!

Love Kenzie Mae
Lotsa love xx

Monday, September 17, 2012

Kenzie Mae Turns 3

Our littlest darling turns 3 today!
This is our treasered gift from God. Ian and I thought that we were all done with our family, but ABBA had other ideas (^^,). He knew we needed a Kenzie Mae in our lives.

Her middle name is Mae, which means Gift of God. And that she is. She has taught me allot in her 3 short years. LOL
This little fire cracker has kept me on my knees, hehe

She is full of spunk, knows her mind, has the sweetest spirit. She is the exclamation point to the end of our family.

As she celebrates her special day, I am the one who is so very grateful for this little treasure.

Happy birthday, Mommy's little darling

Lotsa love xx