Thursday, August 25, 2011

And so the American Adventure Begins...

Hello sweet friends

I'm home (^^,), well almost, we're away at Sun City for the week! What a fabulous way to re-coupe after a mammoth 22 hour flight home!!

I have had every great intention to update my blog, as soon as I touched town, but alas the jet lag has gotten the best of me! So then I thought that I would be able to update while we are away, and then I realised that I have left half of my photos at home!! And you know that I cannot tell a story with out pictures! LOL

So these are the pic's that I have with me.....

This I can say, I had the most fabulous time away. This was a God ordained holiday. Not only did I get a wonderful break where I was able to spend such wonderful quality time with my precious Momma. I also touched hearts with my very special American family and friends. And the cherry on top, was the my Precious Daddy healed my heart, and set me free.

I have come home, a whole, relaxed and peaceful woman, with a wonderful new outlook on life!

AND I came home loaded to the hilt!!

I can say this with confidence that I at least helped a little in lifting the American economy!! LOL

I can't wait to share with you, all the precious encounters that I have had, and show you all the treasures that I found on my shopping adventures.

Chat soon, sweet friends

Niqui xx


  1. You are sooooo beautiful my sister! How I love you and am so pleased that you are home again. I can't wait to visit at some point and check out all your deals girl!!!
    ps - love the hat and top and bag and jeans :0)

  2. Berny says........

    Hi Niqui,

    It sounds absolutely delicious. Can't wait to hear about it.

    Enjoy the week at Sun City okay.

    PS. I Luuurrrvvvveee the top you wearing in the last pic!!

    Much Love, Berny

  3. I'm glad you are safely home. I'm looking forward to more blogs from you.