Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Just for Fun

Meet the African Hoopoe
(shame about the name...)

I had such a good giggle, while I was photographing this little guy,

I mean, when you look at him, you can see that God really does have a sense of humour!
Thank you Jesus that I was created a person, and not some funny looking birdie, with such an unfortunate name... poor thing must have a complex. Having to say 'parden me' all day! Come to think of it, the other birdies kept quite I wide berth, LOL

Scrounging for food, can be exhausting! Good thing he knows birdie yoga!!

Hope that you have a smile on your face (^^,)

Lotsa love
Niqui xx


  1. I think he is quite handsome and that he's "bird enough" to carry off the name as well! ... and yes, I do have a smile on my face. Thank you for this cool post. I've never seen such a bird.

  2. Love these birds!! Wow, talk about Creativity of God hey!! Such a shame that he wasn't given a more dignified name - but, I get your meaning:)

    Momma x

  3. Thank you for the smile today!