Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Janique Turns 13

On Sunday the 4th, our Janique turned 13! Oh my word time flies!

On Thursday, Brett, Janni and the girlies flew in to celebrate with us. While we were at the airport, Janni and I stayed behind to collect a special someone. Lala was coming to suprise Janique for her birthday!

Keeping this secret was quite something! Let me tell you.

So when we got home, Jan and I entered the house first, and while Janiqe was playing with her cousies, Mom hid in the pantry! (as you do...) I then called Janique to help set the table, told her to get spice from the pantry!! hehehe

Oh my word! She was so surprised when Lala popped out!!

Then on Saturday it was time to set up for the big party!! (^^,)

Dance floor, big screen and lighting sorted...

Yup we need a few balloons

Chaperones present...

And some chaperones had multipile tasks... thanx guys :)

Oh yay, guests are arriving just in time

My beautiful girl!! Oh my word, so grown up!

Special friends

Mmmmm, some interesting moves...

After our kitchen duties, we were let loose on the dance floor (^^,)

Janique was surounded by precious friends (here she is with her bestie, Heather) and family that came especially to celebrate her. She had such a special evening :)

Kenzie's most favourite place, she loves her 'Bampa"

Well in his own words, this 40 year old DJ ripped up the dance floor!! He did such an awesome job! The kids danced for 4 hours straight!!

Wow, she cleaned up! What a blessing!

Happy birthday precious darling! We are so proud of you! You are such a treasure to our family! I am so happy that Daddy has entrusted you to our care! You rock, Princess

Lotsa love
Niqui xx


  1. Happy 13th birthday gorgeous Janique. Aunty B sending you loads of love. Mwah

  2. So so glad that we got to be a part of this beautiful memory. This young lady holds a very special place in our hearts xxx