Friday, October 19, 2012

Good-Bye Busy Little Bees

 Today we said good-bye to our swarm of bees, Ed the bee keeper took care of business,
First he sprayed them with a sugary liquid to stick them all together,
Then scooped them into a box (as you do, of course)
No more bees,

The whole process took 5 minutes! And cost R650!!
Oh well at lest they will be relocated to his farm where he farms honey, and is clearly passionate about these little creatures.

All in a days work!
Lotsa love xx


  1. Amazing!! Hope he at least gives you a bottle of honey - fair exchange!!

    Love you Darling,
    Momma xxxxx

  2. Dear Niqui,

    Wow, that was a lot of work!
    Thank you for posting the photos because I wouldn't have quite understood the process otherwise.

    Your blog is beautiful and encouraging!
    Thank you.



  3. Ah, I am glad they could be relocated to a happy place!