Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Day Spent in Jeffrey's Bay

We all decided that today was the day to visit J-Bay. It is a 45 minute drive from Jan's house.

 Ian has really been looking forward to this visit. Jeffrey's is his most favourite place in the Eastern Cape...

After we set up camp, it was time for a swim,

Me, I was nice and comfy in my chair (^^,)

Then we grabbed a bite to eat,

Yay, now it's time to stroll along the beach and hunt for shells,

Ewww!! Gross!!! A jellyfish.
Okay, back to the hunt...

Yay, we found loads of treasures!

On our walk back, I turned back and saw Ash and Tianna in deep conversation, these two darlings have such a precious relationship. Their love for each other runs very deep!

And ahead of me, Kenzie and HER Daddy (^^,)

After a very relaxing morning we all hopped in the car to take advantage of the outlet surf shops! Oh yes! We scored some major bargains!!

After a successful shopping adventure it was time to say TTFN to J-Bay, and head back to P.E.

Once we got home, the big girls, took a little time out, and we shared a cuppa and slice of cake at a quaint little coffee shop, topped off with more shopping...of course!! LOL

Our holiday is fast coming to and end! This was such a special day, jam packed with so many beautiful memories made and shared.

Lotsa love

Niqui xx

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