Sunday, January 15, 2012

Getting Back in the Saddle

Oh how I have missed sitting down and blogging!

It has been a crazy week.

The girls went back to school on Tuesday last week (^^,)

This is going to be quite a year. This year Janique takes on the 7th grade. So it is her last year of primary school. She loves the idea of  being one of the older kids (^^,), and of course the added responsibility that comes with it!

My Ash is re-doing the 5th grade. Gosh I found this decision one of the hardest ones we have had to take. She really battled last year. Ash is such a sociable little love, and has a large circle of friends. I was so concerned for her, starting school, and all her buddies going to the 6th grade and her staying behind.
But, she took it all in her stride, her best friend Cayleigh, met her with the wildest hug! And then said to her, okay Ash let' go find Miss E's class. With me in tow, carrying the seriously heavy bag, we found the class. Cayleigh helped Ash settle in. It was such a very precious moment.
I could see Precious Jesus smiling down, and saying to me "look at that my girl, I've got it all covered!"

So with the first week of school sorted and the mammoth amount of books covered, I can breathe a sigh of relief, and know that my girls are covered by His Grace!

I have determined to make sure that this year will be a more organised year! And I will learn to plan, and not just stomp out fires as they happen.

And of course one would need a nice serene place for all this planning and organising to take place...

So this was my room before...

And this is what I did to it,

Thanx for hanging my chandie, Dad (^^,)

I am looking forward to a very productive year!

Well a new week is about to begin, and I am looking forward to facing it!

Thank you Jesus, my Redeemer, for giving me life, and for the blessing of my family.

Chat soon, and lotsa love

Niqui xx


  1. As always my Darling, your blog is refreshing and thought provoking!! Love the transformation - hey!!! I recognize 1 of those paintings:)
    I love your attention to detail - you Shine!
    Love you always,
    Mom xx

  2. Absolutely gorgeous my sis!!! A beautiful post as always. Sending you and those clever little darlings all my love. Can't wait to see the blue room for myself!