Thursday, June 21, 2012

Cape Town Road Trip Day 1

Dawn and I are off on an adventure. We are off to Cape Town! Dawn has a number of biting consults to do, 20 of them. That's allot of work, and of course her trusty sidekick assistant's services are required! Being the kind, caring and faithful friend that I am, I humbly accepted the job as scribe.

So we set off before before the sun rose this morning. Shewpa! It was cold!

What a beautiful sunrise! 
Don't you agree! I love it when ABBA paints the sky, and this morning it was my favourite colour. I love pink. It always makes my heart smile!
My word, we have packed for what looks like, we'll be away for a month. Thankfully it's just Dawn and I in the car! Not another soul would fit in... 
We had breakie on the go this morning, no stopping here...
We shared the driving. I am learning not to be so controlling, LOL,
Dawn drove the first shift, and I took over at Bloemfontein. I love to drive :) 
I drove until we reached The Three Sisters in the Northern Cape. It is named for 3 mountain peaks ajacent to each other. Sorry no pic... it was so overcast, they were completely covered by the clouds. 
We had a lovely farm style lunch, I had a lamb pie, real comfort food on this cold day. 
 After lunch we had to wander around the farm stall.

Dawn took over the driving, and I was able to capture this amazing cloud formation!
 It was the first bit of sunlight that we saw all day! Look!
It looks like a magnifying glass.

It took my breath away. I literally stood up on the car to get the pic!

This is my 'shot' of the day (^^,)

And this was Dawn's 'shot' of the day.

We have arrived safely in the town of Beaufort West. A pretty little spot :)

And now it's dinner time.

Lotsa love xx

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  1. BEAUTIFUL PICTURES!!!! Wow!! Winter can be quite picturesque in SA - especially the one Dawn took:):):):)

    Love Always,
    Momma xxxxx