Thursday, October 6, 2011

I've been a busy girl (^^,)

In January this year, I learnt to crochet. First I got the basics from the Internet, then Mom helped me fine tune my technique {wink}

Here's what I've done so far...

This one was my first. I made it for Kenzie.

Janique wanted something special. She fell in love with these flowers :)

This one I made for Amanda, for her birthday. Her most favourite colour is purple.

This is the last one I made. For our sweet little Zac. I started this one in the States.

I have really come to enjoy this craft. It is so addictive. I crochet while I wait for the girls. Sitting in the car. And also while I listen to the T.V in the evening. LOL

I am working on a blanket for Ashlynn, she has chosen the coolest yarn.. Funky neon colours!

Watch this space...

Chat soon, sweet friends

Niqui xx

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  1. Wow ... I love how Ashies one has come out. So glad that Zac got to be swaddled in his. Means the world to me. You are so creative my sis. I so admire you!!!