Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Shopping for a new cossie

Oh my word!! Summer is upon us, we're in the midst of a heat wave...wilt...

Little Miss Kenzie has grown so much, that it is time for a new cossie.

Thankfully, Kenzie loves to shop!! She asks me almost everyday "we going shopping Mommy?" I am glad to see that she has inherited at least one gene fro me!! It has been said, that if shopping were an Olympic sport I would win the gold! tee hee

So here's what we found...

How sweet is this little lady (^^,)

And yay for me, I got a little something too...

I needed to get my face product, and I was so excited to see that I qualified for a free gift!!
(don't you just love my shopping bag? Gotta do my bit for the environment, you know)

Gosh after all of that, it was time for Kenzie to test out her new cossie...

Aaahhhhh (^^,)

Chat soon, sweet friends

Niqui xx



  1. Aw Niqui, she looks so adorable. Growing up so fast. Enjoy the summer!

  2. In life you get cute ... and then you get Kenzie May cute!!! She is simply edible my sis!!! Tell her Aunty Jan loves her special cozzie!!! (And your little sis LOVES your free gift too!!!! FABULOUS!!!). Love ya xoxox