Sunday, October 2, 2011

Saying Good Bye

Gosh what an emotional day, yesterday was.

It is with a very sore heart that I sit and write this post.
I got a call from my sweet sis on Friday to say that our little baby was on the way. The Caesar was scheduled to take place at 16h00.

So packed my bags and caught the late flight into Cape Town. I am so grateful, that Dawn was able to join me in Cape Town.

Yesterday I woke up so excited. I was going to meet our precious little Zac.

The favour of the Lord went before me, and I was allowed to visit Janni outside of visiting hours.

Seeing Janni and Zac for the fist time was such a special moment! My heart just swells thinking about it! (^^,)

Holding my precious nephew was such a sweet experience.

A few moments after I got there, the cardio specialist came and scanned our baby's heart one more time.

The news was devastating. Our sweet boy was born without the left side to his heart, and along with that the aorta. How could he still be alive? There is a valve that leads into the right side of the heart, that when a baby is born, it is open to let blood pump into the heart, and then when the aorta is strong enough, the valve starts to close.
The doctor had told Janni and Brett, that this valve had started to close and that in a matter of a few hours, our little precious boy would pass.

As a family we absorbed this news, and did what we knew to so, and that was stand in Faith.

Dawn and I took my sweet nieces out for lunch. And as we were out, we got the news that our little love had gone to be with Jesus.

We took the girlies back to the hospital.

The news was absolutely devastating! As I sit here I have tears running down my face, my heart is so very sore!

I honestly don't understand! I am finding myself in such a difficult place. I am choosing not to question God, because I know that nothing takes Him by surprise. I don't understand why, but He does.

While I was in the hospital room, sitting with Jan and Tianna, we were praying, and as I closed my eyes, I saw my Jesus standing right there with us, holding sweet Zac!

Although my heart aches for Janni, Brett and the girls. I also have a peace in my heart.

This I know, that in his very short little life, our little Zac, the lion heart, impacted so many lives! Through Jan & Brett's walk, many have turned to Jesus, and are walking with Him now, with a renewed heart  toward Him.

Folks we serve such a kind and compassionate God, whose heart is toward us.

Things happen, that we don't and will never understand. But God! This is the time for each and everyone of us, to draw near to Him, and seek the comfort from Him.

My friends,

Please continue to pray for Brett, Jan and the family.

Daddy God, I lift Brett, Janni and the girls up to you. I pray Father, for an increased measure of grace over them, that it will come upon then and envelope them.

Thank you for the precious gift that Zac was, and for the pleasure of getting to meet him and hold him. I thank you that he is safe in Your arms now. I am so looking forward to meeting him when we're all together again, Thank you Father for family, and thank you Father for Your faithfulness towards us. And for your unfailing love. Without you, I am nothing. I love you Daddy.

Chat soon, sweet friends

Niqui xx

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  1. I cannot tell you how grateful I am that you were there. That I have photos of you with my son. The tears flow as I think back that you were with me through the highest and lowest moment of my life. I love you.