Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Week End

What a precious time that we had. We spent the Easter week end together as a family and then on Sunday we celebrated all together...

Uncle Ian was able to squeeze in a golf lesson...

Then Ashies showed us all how it's done :)

After a wonderful lunch together. We left the folks' place and headed home. It was time for the egg hunt. The girls waited patiently inside while I hid the eggs.
Kenz was so super excited! She is at that age, her enthusiasm is contagious (^^,)

What a stash!!

Oh Yum!

A precious time, spent with treasured people (Momma, Jan and Dad you were with me in my heart. I missed you all xx)

Lotsa love
Niqui xx


  1. Mmmm..South African chocolate - nothing like a great braai!
    Wow can't believe Kenzie polished off the bunny!! what time did she manage to go to sleep?:)
    Lovely pics my Darling Girl, So glad you had such a special time together - I missed you all soooo much -

    Lots of hugs,
    Momma xxxxx

  2. BEAUTIFUL sis, how we missed you too!!!! LOVE you ALL my heart. So glad the girls had a blast. Love Jan
    ps - you look STUNNING!!!!! When I grow up I want to look just like you ;0)