Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Little Trip to the Croc Farm

I dunno about you, but I think the only good use for a croc is a fabulous pair of shoes or a super chic bag...

This afternoon, we spent a bit of time at the Croc Sanctuary here at Sun City.

Close to 800 crocs live here, they range in age from a few weeks old to 89 years old

Can't you hear this one saying, So how you doin' (in a broad New Jersey accent of course)?

Yay, we made it in time for feeding time...
So first off the wrangler starts to call them, and they start to slink into the water...creepy...

Then they all line up...

Waiting for the meat to be tossed to them

Between them all they ate an entire cow.

Thankfully there was a beautiful bird to photograph, a Grey Heron. They are often spotted with crocs, they eat the left overs...

Oh joy of joys, we could hold a baby croc!!

Janique was in her element. She LOVES reptiles (dunno why or where she got this love from, certainly wasn't from me!!)

Oh come on Mom, you must also have a turn,
Please note the quiet terror in my eyes. Thankfully his mouth was taped up. The wrangler very nicely told me that he could rip off my finger!!

OK, now smile for the camera!!

Even Kenzie was creeped out. She managed to give it's tail a bit of a squeeze, but she made sure Daddy was holding her tight!

I love spending time with my special Darlings, even if it's with creepy reptiles! LOL
We made some wonderful memories today

Oi, just looking at these pics makes me want to go and wash my hands. Again LOL

Lotsa love

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