Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Lazy Day at the Pool

This is our last day today, tomorrow we pack up and leave...

So what better way to spend a sunny day than at the beach?

All be it at a man made beach at the Valley of Waves. Janique and Ashlynn were very very brave as they managed to swim in the freezing water! (^^,)

After that we went back to our chalet for a spot of lunch, the the big girls and I went to spend a bit of time at the heated pool,

We spent some quality time together over some very yummy ice creams!
Then the girls went off and I was left with some very precious and rare 'me' time

I love to read, and to have the time to read this holiday has been wonderful.

It is amazing what a little down time can do for the soul. I must say that I am feeling refreshed, and revived!

We're off to go and have a wonderful dinner out now, bonus!! I won't have any dishes to do!! LOL

Chat soon,


  1.'re all looking happy, relaxed & refreshed - Soooo glad to see your smile, my lovely Girl!! I agree - there's nothing better than a bit of peace & quiet in gorgeous surroundings!
    Thanks for the beautiful pics - takes me right there!!

    Momma X

  2. I've loved each of your holiday posts. Way to go sis. Glad you guys got away and made some precious memories. Mis you all so very much xxx