Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ashies Wonderful Day

Yesterday my Precious Ash had her 11th birthday!

She woke to her family signing to her

Then she was showered with gifts (^^,)

And then off to school...

When the girls were little, Ian and I started a little family tradition. Whoever has the birthday, gets to choose where the birthday dinner will be. Ashies chose a buffet restaurant at the SilverStar Casino complex.

During supper we watched the musical water fountain...

Then ended the evening off with some fun at the games,

Not a day goes by that I don't thank Abba for all my blessings. When I think of the precious Girls that He has entrusted to Ian and I, I am so humbled that he would choose me to help in raising His precious girls.

I am so very grateful that He chose these three in particular! I love them so very much.

To My Ashies, the Sunshine Princess, this Mommy loves you so very much! Thank you for all the sunshine smiles you give me. You have taught me so much!!

Thank you Abba for Family!!

 Have a super day

Chat soon

Niqui xx


  1. Missing all of you so much, especially on Ashies birthday. LOVE the pics. You are a gorgeous family!

  2. Awesome - what contentment! Love your pics. I'm So Blessed to have such awesome daughters, sons, grandaughters and grandson..xxxxx xxxxx

  3. Looks like everyone had lots of fun! Bless you and your family xx