Saturday, July 16, 2011

Ash's Hockey Tour to Durbs

Oh my word!! I cannot believe that it is Saturday already, where has this week gone?

It seems to have past me by, this is the first time since last Thursday that I have actually sat down in front of my PC!! (shock horror I know! )

Last week end was so special, so I wanted to share it with you.

Ashlynn plays club hockey. And it is something that she loves to do, and she's pretty good! She comes alive when she plays, her coaches call her the little tiger. I love it.

So when the opportunity came along for her to go on a hockey tour, of course we jumped at it.

But when it sunk in that it would be in Durban, and I would be at home. All of a sudden I was not so very excited! She has never been that far away from home! So naturally {wink} I would HAVE to go along.

Ian said it would be a better idea for Janique and I to go, and he stay at home with our Kenzie Mae.

I was so looking forward to spending good quality time with Nix. After all we were going to drive to Durbs, a solid 6 hours in the car together....

So with Ashies bags all pack, Ian took her to the airport, where she caught the plane down to Durbs. Her excitement levels were off the charts!!

Nix and I jumped into the car, and were off on our adventure.

Our journey took us 7 hours, we got stuck in a monster traffic jam leaving Jozi... Anyways we arrived safe and sound. We stayed at such a lovely B&B called Bogain Villa

After settling in, we headed off to my cousin's house for a much needed cuppa, and then Nix and I headed out for supper.

Nix felt like seafood, and I was desperate for a chicken curry... Durban has a large population of Indian people living there. So to go to Durbs and not have a Durban curry is a crying shame! So of course we headed out to Cape Town Fish Marked, on the beach front, and to my absolute delight, they had a chicken curry on the menu!! Oh bliss... I love curry!! I so wish I could make an authentic one... (any recipe ideas would be most welcome!!)

By the time we reached our accommodation we were bushed, let me rephrase that, I was wiped out, Janique sat up and watched DVDs till I have no idea what time. hehe

Up bright and early on Saturday morning, we had our beakie, and headed out to watch our Ashies play

Ash played like a champion, she scored 2 goals!! Whoop Whoop

Janique on the other hand was counting the minutes
till it was finished 

Thank goodness for BlackBerry (LOL)

So we said good bye to Ash, she wanted to spend time with her team {sniff}

And Nix and I made our plans for the arvie.....

But first lunch!

We decided to spend the afternoon at uShaka Marine world.

Janique loves marine life! It was so special to spend this time with her. I loved watching her face...

First stop the Dolphins (^^,)

The Dolphins were amazing! After the show we made our way to the aquarium. They have really done such a wonderful job of it. The aquarium is set up in an old, massive ship!




We eventually came up for air. We made a dash for the ice cream shop, Mozart's, they sell the most sublime ice cream! We shared a walk on the beach front. It was so special to watch the sun set over the ocean together.

After the sun set, we decided to make tracks, but first a stop at the spice emporium...

We said our good-byes to uShaka...

By this time, folks I was feeling my age... my feet were on fire from all the walking and running about, all I wanted to do was grab take out, and head back to the accommodation and have an early night...sigh.
But when one has a tween on her hands, with loads of energy, that was not on the cards.

So instead we shared a pizza at Mimmos at the Pavilion, and decided on a movie, well at least I would be sitting...

Half way through our movie, we had a black out. After sitting in the dark cinema for a few minutes, the manager came in and evacuated us, we were given complementary tickets, and then asked to leave. The entire atrium was filled with smoke!!!

Oh sweet Jesus! God of small mercies, thank you, thank you! I got to have an early night after all!! hehe

In the morning we found out that one of the sub stations at the Pavilion had blown up!! Oh my...

So after a hearty breakfast, we packed up, and Andrea the owner gave me 2 slips (of 2 plants that I fell in love with in her garden)

Then we pack up, and started our journey home...

On our drive home. I was able to let my mind wonder, and revisit all the wonderful memories that Janique and I had shared on this week end away. I honestly had such a special time with this young lady. At times I had to pinch myself, and remind me that she is my daughter. We were able to touch hearts. It was so special to spend this quality time together. We had such special chats, and were able to laugh with each other.

I think sometimes, we get so busy raising our kids, and get so busy doing life, that we kinda forget to touch base with them. Spending quality time with her, showed me that I want to be able to carve out more time and make precious memories with my big girls. Raising Kenz, has showed me, that Janique and Ashlynn have also had to make a sacrifice. Being a Mommy to a little person takes a lot of energy, and they are at the age when they understand that, and they are so gracious with me, and give me time to catch my breath, but I think sometimes it costs them allot to do that.

The Holy Spirit showed me, now is the time, to make special memories with them.

So watch this space for more of our exciting times, making special memories together!

Chat soon

Niqui xx


  1. Hi Niqui...great pictures. Looks and sounds like you had an absolutely wonderful time. My son is 32 now. Your post makes me miss those times we had together and miss him even more now. He lives about 11 hrs driving time from me. Take advantage of every opportunity you have to spend with them!


  2. Beautiful Blog my Darling - so happy you could spend quality time with Nix - God is absolutely amazing to us all!!
    Love you, Momma x

  3. Oh my word I miss you girls all so much!!!!! AMAZING pics of your special adventure jam packed with unforgettable memories. Kiss all three girls for me and tell them they better all squeeze the living daylights out of you from me. PS - LOVE the sunnies. You are so glam doll!!