Monday, September 26, 2011

What's for Supper?

This is a question that as a Mommy I am asked ALLOT!

The girls will be busy with breakie, and ask..'Hey Mom, what's for supper?' My standard response is."Live in the moment!" or "Check the menu plan" which I post up on the fridge door.

But today, I have been thinking about supper allot!

I had the most scintillating day!! NOT!

 I spent the most of it at the Licence Department,renewing my driver's licence then the last part of it sitting in the car, waiting for Ash's remedial classes.. All that I ate was a quick cheese 'n chutney sarmie as I was walking out the door at 15h45 on the way out to take Ash.

As you well know, I love food. The thing is that I love to cook. My Dad was a chef, so I'm sure that I must have inherited a gene or two (^^,)

So on the menu tonight... ' Really Nice Breasts' I kid you not! That's the title.

 I just recently got a new cook book, Zhoozsh! Faking it by Jeremy & Jacqui Mansfield (no relation).
I am so enjoying it. The recipes are so very South African, and so very simple.

Oh yum!!

So what's for supper at your place?

Chat soon, sweet friends

Niqui xx


  1. Delicious! - Well done Princess - no wonder your family are always smiling!! (not to mentiontion the Jam Jar...)
    Momma x