Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Cape Town Road Trip Day 5

Day 5, saw us saying good-bye to BloubergStrand.

It was another cold and cloudy day. Shew it was freezing :)

We headed into Worcester, I loved these little waterfalls, I was quite surprised to see that they weren't frozen over! LOL, I was so cold.

This farm house is where we stayed on our first night in Worcester.( It was so dark then, that I couldn't take any pic's.) It has been in the De Wit family for 6 generations. And among other things they farm wine grapes.

We stopped to say good bye to the wonderful family, who were our gracious hosts.

Arina's ducks...

How's that view?


From Worcester we made our way to Robertson. Which so happens to be the birthplace of my favourite wine. Sadly, we were under the whip, so there was to be no shopping to be done. Places to go, people to see, horses to bit!

Ah.. the winding road :)

After our time in Robertson, it was time to head off to a farm between Ladismith and Riversdale. A 2 hour drive.

So we drove into the sunset. 
So for my shot of the day, I could'nt quite choose between these two...

I'm not going to tell you how close I was to this slug! Yuck!

But, it's a cool shot (^^,) 

Lotsa love xx

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