Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Cape Town Road Trip Days 6 & 7

The Malherbe family were our hosts for the evening. They have a beautiful farm. They farm sheep.

This I can say with certainty. Me I'm not cut out for farm life!

Those blasted chickens woke me up at 4.30 am. And boy oh boy, there were two roosters competing, because they did not stop crowing...

Oh well, we started our day bright and very early (or not so bright, looked like the sun was having second thoughts about coming up to greet us!) If I thought that it was cold in Cape Town, I was wrong, it properly cold here on this farm!

As we walked out into the pre-dawn this is the view that greeted us...

After bitting 2 horses, the sun got up :)
We were treated to a farm breakfast of fresh free range duck eggs on toast. Truly yummy, truly.

As Dawn did the bit fitting for the 7 horses, I was able to roam about the farm.

Sweet little lamb was born the night before.

Yup, that is what you would call a chicken legging it. I suppose I would to if there was a mad English woman trying to take my picture so early in the morning.

Upon closer inspection, these are the weirdest chickens I have EVER seen. Naked necked chickens, for real!

Here was one of our customers... Handsome boy :)

Ahh, a bit of creative time (^^,)

We then bid adieu to the Malherbe family and headed off to Riversdale.
Riversdale is dairy country...of course there would have to be a cow crossing

What a view this lady has, there is nothing around for miles!

This pup was beside himself with excitement during the bitting. He ran circles around us for almost and hour.
I loved his ears! Looks like he's directing traffic.

Dimples, who was our last customer, was not so fond of the mouth measure...
Note the ears... nope, not pleased at all.

I have met the most wonderful people on this trip, as well as a load of animals with character. But this old boy captured my heart,

As I stepped out of the truck, he came to greet me. I fell in love with him in a instant!

For the first time in my life, I experienced love at first sight.

So here's my shot of the day...

More diamonds! (^^,)

Headed home after this...

And so we set off for home. We spent the night in Beaufort West once again. This time we stayed at the 3 Chimneys.

What a delightful little spot.

We were up before dawn again, this time both of us looking forward to getting home.

Lotsa love xx

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