Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I am learning that in order to have be successful in this journey, I am going to have to change some habits.

Healthy Habits lead to a healthy lifestyle!

This morning I opted for a healthy breakfast

This morning I had  Weet-Bix, honey, milk and a table spoon of seeds.

A few years ago, Jan introduced to to the Patrick Holford way of eating. He is an Australian nutritionist who has devoted his life on educating people on how to eat for optimum health.

I found this seed mix in his book. It is packed with all the good stuff, like omegas...

You'll need, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds and ground linseed (flax seed)

Fill half the bottle with the linseed, then with the rest of the seeds.

Shake it up, and then store in the fridge. He recommends 1 table spoon serving for adults once a day and 2 teaspoons for kids.

I add it to all my cereals, smoothies and even french toast. (For the french toast I just grind it up first).

It's yummy, and best of all it is low GI, so it really keeps you fuller for longer!

Niqui xx

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  1. Can I buy a bottle pretty please!!!!!!!! It only tastes right when you make it :0)