Thursday, December 8, 2011

On Sunday our Pastor, Peter, preached up a storm. His sermon title was "Having faith in the in between"

He is quite a character, and half way through his sermon he got a little off course and told us about this old (I am assuming about a hundred years or so old) Anglican priest who wrote a book.

This priest was looking back over his life and church and noticed that in our Christian walk there are highs and lows (no kidding!! Right?) He said, true sacrifice comes when you are willing to lay down your good experiences with God at His feet as a sacrifice. And let God be God. This really impacted me.

Often times we let our awesome experiences with God take over, and in a sense become our God. God needs to be God!

On my walk this morning, while I milling over what I wanted to say this morning, Daddy spoke to my heart and said this
"Don't limit Me by your best experience you've had of Me"

Our walk with the Father is more than a single experience, it's a relationship.

He loves us endlessly!

Niqui xx


  1. Lovely Post from a lovely Woman, Love the Glads too - makes my heart happy.
    Love to the family,
    Momma xxxxx