Monday, December 5, 2011

It's Here

I love to cook! I guess one could say that it is in my genes. My Dad was a chef, and Mom is able to whip up something delish in 30 min or less. I love to collect recipe books. Just recenty though, I donated quite a few of them, and decided to only hang on to my favorites.

And here is the newest member to my collection...

I absolutely loved her first book! It is called Deceptively Delicious! Her trick is that she hides veggies in the most delicious meals. Like brownies for instance, their 'secret' ingredients are spinach and carrots! I kid you not! And they are so yummy. When I make them they are gone in a flash.

My Ian will not eat veggies like butternut. It is my favorite veg. She has a mac and cheese recipe that has butternut in it. So I thought I'd try it. Well it is Ian's favorite dish now. In fact he requests it once a week. And nope he has no clue what the secret ingredient it! LOL!! I Love it!!

So today I spent a good portion of it making my pures!

On the menu tonight is, Lemon Chicken. The special ingredient is cauliflower. Yuck! This is so not my favorite veg. BUT I am willing to give it a try!

I'll report back... (^^,)

Chat soon,

Niqui xx

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  1. Those sound like great ways to sneak in the veggies!