Saturday, December 3, 2011

Quality Time With My Darlings

There was a time when Nix, Ash and I would be able to spend loads of time together. Shopping dates, coffee dates, fun one on one time. But since the arrival of our darling Kenzie Mae, those times have been quite limited.

So this morning, I decided to take my two big girls out, to celebrate the end of the school year and the start of the Summer holidays! What better way to start the holidays than to have a pedi (^^,).

I have been planning this outing for the past week. Initially I wanted all 3 of us to have the pedi together. But there is no salon that could offer me that service. I eventually found a salon, that has a room devoted only to pedicures. It has only two pedi massage chairs in it. Perfect!! I booked it for my girls. I actually went to the salon a few days before to make sure that the girls would be together, and that there would be room enough for me, to be able to share in the experience.

But once we got there, I was informed that there had been a bit of a muddle up, and now the girls would be separated. The girls assured me that they would be fine on their own. For me I was devastated. I had been planning this all week, looking forward to this all week. And now things were so NOT going how I had planned them. Oi!!

When the floor manager came to chat to me, and to apologise, I did something that I never do, I burst into tears! LOL Oh my word! I felt so robbed of a precious chance to make a special memory with my girls.

Anyways once I pulled myself towards myself, I went to check on my babies...

Funky blue nails (^^,)

Funky purple nails (^^,)

Looking at their faces makes me smile.

So we weren't all together, that's okay. They had such a wonderful experience, and when they were all done they were just beaming.

The silver lining.... When I went to pay. The manager refused to charge me. She told me to rather take the money and treat the girls to lunch!

And that is what we did! So in the end we were all able to spend some really special time together.

Thank you Jesus for Your favour, and turning a not to fabulous situation into a super fabulous one!

Have a wonderful Saturday

Chat soon,
Niqui xx


  1. Oh how I loved reading that the manager wanted you to use the money for lunch with your girls. There are many people in this world who want to do the right thing. It is nice to hear those stories.

    I directed my readers to your blog and Janine's blog a few days ago. I hope you get some new followers!

  2. What a beautiful memory my sis.