Friday, June 17, 2011

Picnic at The Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens

Yesterday was a public holiday, and the schools decided to close today. So we have a wonderful long week-end!! Hip hip hooray!! No early school mornings for the last two days!! It's been wonderful (^^,)

So this morning, after Janique put in some study time, we decided to go on a spur of the moment picnic to the Botanical Gardens.

We packed our lunch, and we were off!!

Once we found our spot, we unpacked and ate our yummy food!

It was so wonderful that Dawn was able to spend the afternoon with us!! The girls love this Auntie very much. As Dawn is still believing for a Godly husband. I have agreed to share my girls with her, until she has her own babies. (^^,)

After our lunch we set off for a walk to the waterfall. At the top of the waterfall they have a pair of breeding Black Eagles. We were so blessed to see one of them in flight!! Such majestic birds.

After spending time at the waterfall, Dawn took the three girls for a mini hike.
And I stayed behind to looked after all the stuff...

The sound of running water is always therapeutic for me. I sat on the bench and just exhaled! Whenever I hear the sound of running water I always think of the Holy Spirit, and the river of mercy. When ever I have an issue or something bothering me or pain in my heart, I say to the Holy Spirit, "well, I can't deal with this right now. I know that there is nothing that I can do about it in my own strength so I give it You and place in the river of mercy! I release mercy to the person, or whatever is bothering me." And I always feel a peace when I know that I have handed over the baggage that I have been carrying, over to my Abba! He love us so much!

After those few quiet moments, the girls and Dawn got back, and our little Miss Mackenzie let us know that she was tired and wanted to get moving. She wanted to go home!

After our short little break, we all got home, feeling calmer and more peaceful!

It's amazing what a bit of fresh air, and quality time with Abba can do!

Have a fabulous week-end, sweet friends.

Chat soon

Niqui xx


  1. You have beautiful children! I love the photos, and I am glad you got to have such fun time together. There is nothing like spending time with your loved ones in this world.

    Thank you for sharing. I love coming by your blog and seeing all the beauty God has blessed you and your family with! Such love!

  2. Such beautiful pics my sis. You are so beautiful inside and out and your words always wash over my heart. May everybody who reads this post feel the refreshing that has touched my heart today too! Love you xxx

  3. Niqui...Looks like a wonderful, beautiful, place.
    Gods blessings are bountiful in our lives!!

    God bless you and give you a great Sunday...