Tuesday, June 28, 2011

He's My Rock!

So I am still reading through Romans in the Message, and I am really enjoying it! Yesterday I read this passage from Chapter 9:

How can we sum it up? All those people who didn't seem interested in what God was doing actually embraced what God was doing as He straightened out their lives. And Israel, who seemed so interested in reading and talking about what God was doing missed it. How could they miss it? Because instead of trusting God, they took over. They were absorbed in what they themselves were doing. They were to absorbed in their "God projects" that they didn't notice God right in front of them. Like a huge rock in the middle of the road. And so they stumbled into Him and went sprawling. Isaiah (again!) gives us the metaphor for pulling this together:
Careful! I've put a huge stone on the road to Mount Zion,
a stone you can't get around.
But the stone is Me! If you are looking for me,
you'll find Me on the way.

I have really been meditating on this passage for the last two days now.

Have you ever gone through a season in your life, when you feel like you are going round and round the mountain? I seem to be in that season at the moment. I think that I have the victory, and then the next moment...SPLAT... I'm on the ground, and not marching anymore. The first thing that I usually do, is rebuke the devil, and his minions, and declare that I have the victory, and I am a champion...blah blah blah....

 I do whole heartily believe that we have authority over the Devil, and his posse. The Word tells me that I must rebuke him and he has to flee. I also think that far too often we are too quick to blame him when somethings goes wrong instead of just stopping for a moment and assessing the situation.

So this brings me back to my journey round the mountain... Often times we view our lives by the glasses we wear. Like perhaps things that have been said over us, or situations that have happened to us. I am learning to take those 'glasses' off and see who I am from God's perspective. Through His truth.

That's why this passage has kinda stopped me in my tracks!! If I'm honest with myself, I generally get up and start walking again, but haven't changed any of my behaviors. My Mom always says " You can't do the same thing and expect different results" she's a wise woman!

I have had a light bulb moment!! It's not the enemy that I keep bumping into, it's my Heavenly Father!! Oh my word!! Thank goodness that He is patient with me! I've been bumping into Him for a good many trips round this mountain now. I have been trying to do things in my own strength, and there is only so much I can do without running out of steam. He is telling me that He is my strength, He doesn't want me doing anything without Him 100% involved in my life.

The same is for you, 'coz you know that he doesn't have any favourites! It's time to hand the reigns over to Him, He loves us so much, that He wants to take control. Hand it over to Him. He is strong enough to carry whatever it is that is bearing you down!

It's time to walk in His freedom.

Chat soon

Niqui xx


  1. Awesome!! I can hear Abba singing....I think she'd got it! - I Love your heart, thank you for ministering to mine!
    Love Always,
    Mom X

  2. Niqui...what a great post! I too go round the mountain so often with many things. Your Mon is so right in what she says. Thank you for sharing all your words of wisdom today. This is something I needed to hear!

    Blessings in Him...Chelle

  3. Niqui, I love this post! I have never really thought about it this way, that maybe I was bumping into God.

    Thank-you also for stopping by my blog. I always look forward to your kind and thoughtful comments.

  4. Niqui what a stunning post! That mountain is standing in front of me too at this moment in my life .... ' I def wont be going around and around and around ...... I needed the reminder that I cant DO anything on my own!! (Thank you!)

  5. So powerful my sis!!! I love your post (as always). I can feel God's heart encouraging all of us who read it. Thank you for always writing those things that bring life and freedom. Love you xxx