Wednesday, June 1, 2011

He is in the details...

This is my Ashlynn. She is our second born. She is turning 11 next month. Each of my girls knows that they are very special and I call them Princess. Ashies, as I love to call her, is my Sunshine Princess.
She is the most amazing young lady. She has the most wonderful disposition. She is always, and I mean always, happy. She is my own personal drop of sunshine. She will always find a reason to laugh, and when any of us are feeling down, she is the first one to make us smile. She can win anyone over with her charming personality. I have learnt a lot from this darling child.
Ash and I have walked a long road when it comes to school. Ash has really battled. It has been an uphill climb for her.  She is now in Grade 5. At the beginning of the first term we were called in, to discuss my baby. The school were really concerned, and feared that she would fail the first term. And unfortunately she did fail. So we had her assessed by an Educational Psychologist. When we went to see her, she expressed that she fell in love with our poppet. But she could not believe that Ash has gotten as far as she has! In fact if she said that once, she must have said it about four times. After completing her assessment, she sought a second opinion, and both psychologists found that Ashies is Dyslexic. It felt like a freight train hit me, when I heard the news. I couldn’t concentrate on what Janet was telling me.
Now that I have had a bit of time to process this information, as least I now know that there is a problem, and Ashies was not just being lazy…
So where to from here? Advice has been given, so much in fact that at first my mind was so busy, trying to sort it all out, what is dyslexia, how do I help my child, will she be able to be the doctor or the vet that she dreams of being, will I have to move her to an assisted learning school?
In the past, I would have picked up the phone and called Mom, or Jan… but I have now learnt my lesson (^^,)
Just recently I have been listening to a teaching by Joseph Prince, titled Rest. And in it he shows, how we are called to rest in our loving Heavenly Father, because He has already gone before us, to prepare the way and He knows the end from the beginning.
So I quieted my mind, and sought my Daddy’s advice. And this is what He said “Don’t panic, my girl! Just take it one step at a time”
So now we have started remedial classes once a week for Ash. Then yesterday I got a call from her teacher. She is the loveliest young woman, and she cares for Ash, she wants to see her succeed. We were chatting, and I brought up the idea of taking Ash to an optometrist to see if putting coloured lenses in her glasses will help her focus. And to my utter surprise, she says, yes, absolutely!! She then tells me that she wears a green tint to her glasses, to help her focus, because apart from her bad eyesight, she also has a form of Dyslexia!! Can you believe it?! So she says to me that she can so relate to what Ashies is going through.
So last night, when I went before the Father, He reminded me, that He is in the details!!!
I don’t know what Ashies calling is, but I do know this, the perseverance that she is learning will not be in vain!

So I encourage you, no matter what you are facing, hand it over to our Precious Heavenly Daddy, because He know exactly what to do. And then rest in the knowledge that He is indeed in control, and taking care of all the details!
Have a blessed Day
Chat soon
Niqui  xx

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  1. This is a powerful encouragement to me today. God sees everything concerning our little ways and knows how to assist and empower them step by step through their journey with Him. You have reminded me today that the most powerful first step is simply to look to God and trust Him with our precious ones. From that place He is able to direct our path. Powerful post my sis and as Ashies Aunty ... I agree ... she is such a priceless treasure to all of us! She teaches me so much with her courage, fearlessness and contagious joy. Kiss that darling girl for me!