Friday, June 24, 2011

Yay yay, it's Friday!

Boy am I glad that the working week is over!! Yay no school, homework or rushing for tomorrow.
What better way to end off a busy week, than to spend it with a special friend!

Amanda and I have been friends for quite a while now. We met at a Moms & Babes workshop when Ashlynn and Kelsey ( Mands' Princess) were about 3 months old. After completing the program, I kinda checked out of the social scene for a season. I was diagnosed with post natal depression.... (another story for another time)

When it was time for school, we chose a school, that unbeknown to us was the same one. The girls were in the same Grade 0 class, and half way through the year they found each other and started to develop a very firm relationship. Kelsey left the school a year later, Ash was quite devastated! But Mands and I had also developed a firm friendship as well (^^,).

So long story short, we have stayed in touch. In fact, Mands is one of my very special friends. Whom I love, trust and respect. She is a treasure to me. And we also share a very deep love of coffee...sigh...

Here is Ash and her Bestie, Kelsey...

I have loved to watch these two little poppets. They have such a sweet friendship! They are so alike, it is uncanny. They even look alike. Too sweet!!

So after spending the arvie with my friend, I have gotten home feeling revived and refreshed, as we can only feel when we've spent time with a special girl friend!

I am so thankful to Precious Jesus, for the people who He has placed in my life. Friends like these don't come along often, I am grateful for Amanda.

Thinking about our long chats, over many, many cups of coffee, makes my heart very happy.

Have a wonderful week-end, friends. I hope that you have the time to connect with the special people in your lives too!

I'd love to hear about them (^^,)

Chat soon

Niqui xx

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  1. Friends are such a blessing! And it is so wonderful to see your child in a great friendship, isn't it?