Monday, November 14, 2011

Fun at the Home of the Chicken Pie

Ian has entered what he terms 'silly season'. At this time of year his business picks up and makes up for all the quiet winter months... So I have become a bit of a single parent :) I know when his been home when there is a dent in the pillow next to me LOL

Oh well, I decided to get out a bit this week end. Dawn has been away in India, and as she is now home, what better way to spend an afternoon catching up with my Bestie, and spending quality time with my girlies. We took a little drive out into the country to have lunch at the Home of the Chicken Pie. As I live out in the country, it wasn't a long drive (^^,)

It really is a pretty spot, and there is lost of space for the kids to play. They also have a little shop or two. But there was no shopping to be had for me, this time around.

Thankfully there is no crab on the menu, this little guy was safe (^^,)

The menu is jam  packed full of yummy looking things

I had the chicken pie... of course...

Kenzie had a ball, as she has now firmly entered the "wonderful two's" (one must remain positive) there was lots to so for her to do, and for her to run off her steam. She even got her Auntie to play with her. So precious

Gosh I have the most beautiful girls!! I am one blessed Momma!

Ahhh... what a wonderful way to spend an afternoon!

Well sweet friends, here's to a wonderful week ahead!!

Chat soon

Niqui xx

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  1. Gorgeous pics - I miss having missed that place on my last visit - Love you Momma xxxxx