Thursday, November 10, 2011

It is unfortunate that some believers have put themselves back under the old covenant without realizing it. Sometimes, they feel that God is on their side, but at other times, they feel that God is far away from them. Sometimes, they feel that God is satisfied with them, but at other times,they feel that God is angry with them. All these feelings are based predominantly on their own evaluation of how they have performed, how they feel about themselves, and not how God sees them. Because there is no new covenant scriptural basis for such evaluations, they end up arbitrarily deciding if they are deserving of God's blessings and favor in their lives or not. When in fact, they have access to His blessings all the time, simply because of Jesus and His finished work at the Cross.

Today, think, talk and act knowing that is not about you or your works - it is about Jesus and Him alone, and step out into His Blessings for you! (Joseph Prince)

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