Monday, November 28, 2011

A Rose for Zac

Janni has planted a beautiful garden for our little Zac, head on over to her blog here, to have a squiz. I wanted to also plant a special rose in her garden for our sweet Zac. But as P.E have just had a massive draught the choice of roses is limited, AND as we are heading down to P.E to spend Christmas with Janni and Brett, we can take a rose down for our boy.

So with sweet Zac on my heart, I rounded up the girls, Dawn, Janique and Kenzie, we headed out to Ludwig's Roses.

Ludwig is considered to be The rose guru in South Africa. A trip out to his rose farm is absolutely worth it.
As you enter, you are greeted with rows and rows of roses. It really is a balm for the soul.

There is also a bit of shopping that can be done, we all fell in love with this hat (^^,) 

After walking up and down the isles, we needed a bit of refreshment,
Nix had the largest brownie I have ever seen

I had a rose flavored milkshake

As you can see I am wearing a fabulous green band. There is a butterfly garden, which we went to. The reason that there are no pics, is because we only saw 3 butterflies. The rest were still waiting to come out of their cocoons. I'm sure that when they all hatch it will be a sight to behold. But for us, sadly the sight was not so very good.
Anyways, here is the rose that I chose for our Zac,

It is called a Arctic Ice rose, and is the bluest of all roses (naturally speaking)

Isn't it beautiful? I cant wait to see it planted in Zac's garden.

Three more rose bushes came home with me, and are being planted as I type. I'll pop a few pic's on in a bit.

Mommy I took this pic for you, I saw this rose, and instantly thought of you!!

What a truly splendid day!!

Chat soon,

Niqui xx


  1. Beautissimo!!! I was able to enjoy my memories of Ludwig's Rose Farm and the memories of when we went together...Thanks for my 'Dogwood' Rose - love it!!
    Love you my Precious,
    Momma X

  2. My heart is singing over my soon to be addition!!! Thank you my sis. You simple are the best big sister a gal could ever have!!! How I love you.