Monday, September 12, 2011

American Adventure, Part 2, Our Birthday Long Week-End

Hip Hip Hooray It's almost birthday time!! And this year Mom and I celebrated our special day with a road trip!!

First stop Annapolis, then onto New Jersey, where we would spend the night. The highlight...New York for one glorious day, and then back home!!

After a scumptious breakie with Sean Julie and Joan, we set off.


This is such a quaint little town. One of it's claims to fame is the very prestigious Naval Academy. Over the week end, it is so wonderful to see all the Navy people walking around in their full white uniform!!

Mom and I enjoyed walking up and down the quaint little streets.  

Oh! Imagine my joy when we spotted this pink house!!

"Honey I'm Home!!" As Mom was taking this pic, I was really hoping that the owner wasn't about to open her door, and walk straight into me!! LOL

After our stroll, it was time for lunch, we decided to try Chick & Ruth's Deli. This place is has been there for ages, and judging by the queue outside, the food had to be good...

The food was tasty, but quite honestly this place was not quite our cup of tea! It was so crammed, and so  very noisy (I can hear Ian's voice in my head, saying 'shew Babes, you're getting old!!' tee hee) 
I like my space, and to have people sitting so close to me, freaked me out a little. We both breathed in a big calming breath when we left. LOL

As we were heading back to the car, I looked down, and this tickled my fancy (^^,)

With Annapolis behind us we crossed over the Potomac, and left Virgina and crossed over into Maryland, and then into Baltimore and finally into New Jersey.

Off to bed, with a smile on my face :) tomorrow New York!!

We caught the NJ Transit from Metuchin into New York.
As is tradition, I chose the place to have breakfast. And for me that was a no brainer!! I LOVE The French Roast!

This is my most favourite restaurant! They serve the most delicious coffee. It's not a touristy spot, so the local New Yorkers frequent the place. It has a very special charm about it.

After a most fabulous breakie, we made tracks :)

We decided to explore the Lower East Side. The wonderful thing about New York, is that with every neighborhood, that you explore, it has it's own very distinct personality. The Lower East side did not disappoint. I love walking New York.

In the early afternoon, we passed this quaint little shop. And Italian bakery and ice cream shop. The specialise in Italian Gelato

We decided to stop in for something yummy!
I had the most delish pistachio gelato and Momma, a tatofelo (excuse the spelling)

When I entered, I could sense that this had been here for a very long time. In chatting the owner (who looked to be a little younger than me). She said that shop was set up in 1904, and that her and her brother were the forth generation to be running it! I loved that!

After an afternoon, spent walking, shopping and more walking, we made our way up to Time Square. But first I had to stop in at Dashing Diva, to fix a broken nail!! As we do of course...

Mom chose our dinner location, Ellen's Stardust Diner. What a treat!

After a fab diner, we said good bye to all the lights, and headed back to New Jersey with very sore feet, but with big smiles on our faces!

As you can see, I did do a spot of shopping!

Saturday, was our birthday. We decided to walk up the road to the Bagel Pantry for breakie before heading home...

Oh yum!! a cream cheese and bacon bagel!

Have a look at my birthday treasures (^^,)

From Mom I got, the most gorgeous pair of shoes and perfume

From Jan, a beautiful watch. And from Dawn More shoes :)

Before leaving New Jersey Mom and I did a 'little' shopping, and then headed home.

For our special lunch, we went to the Broadway Diner!! Of course! Well it was on the way home!

This was such a special birthday, long week end. It was a rich time spent together! My love tank has been filled to overflowing!


What a special time...sigh...

Chat soon, sweet friends

Niqui xx


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  1. I love you SO MUCH my sis. You and mommy look so happy in these pictures. What a joy that you got to spend your special day together. This is going to be the most wonderful year for you my sis ... full of incredibly "shiny" moments. You sparkle my sis ... full of the beauty of Jesus. Don't you dare let go of all your shimmer. It has always made you who you are - simply beautiful inside and out! Janni