Friday, September 16, 2011

A Poem from Ashlynn

Earlier this year Ashlynn was diagnosed with Dyslexia. Most of this year, she has had a block against reading ot writing anything! It has been a frustrating road for both her and I. So I turned to my Daddy for help. And a few days ago while I was in prayer I heard Him tell me that He has Ashies in the palm if His hand and that He is healing her brain! On Monday afternoon, after her remedial lesson, we just started chatting. When we touched on her school work, she got very tearful. Her biggest fear at the moment is failing Grade 5. (It is at times like these that I am so very grateful for the Holy Spirit!! How anyone parents without Him is beyond me!!) I suggested maybe we should pray about it, and hand the fear over to Jesus. So that's what we did. I then felt led to tell her what the Father had told me last week. Her eyes grew so big, "Can He really do that?" "Of course I said! All we have to do is believe"( When God says something, it has to come to pass! His word will not return to Him void!)

At the moment we as a family are standing in faith for our little Zac's heart to be made whole (read his story on Jan's blog). I asked Ash what is the difference between her and Zac? God doesn't have any favourites! (^^,)

Since Monday, I have noticed a change in my girl! It is so exciting. Whenever I see her , she is working on her homework, or has pen to paper. So this morning, she shows me what she has been working on.

She's been writing poems. Loads of them...

This one touched my heart!

A seed to a sprout
When the sun lights up
you'll be the one
for greatness to come
nothing will fall in your way
Your destiny will come

Have a wonderful day

Chat soon, sweet friends

Niqui xx


  1. I am so amazed and blessed by Ashies poem Niqui. Please tell her how much it spoke to her aunty Jan's heart today. What a beautiful gift she has been blessed with!!!

  2. Her poem is beautiful. I will add prayers for your daughter, as I continue to pray for Janine and her family.

  3. Hi Niqui~I haven's visited in a bit but I'm blessed to have visited today. What a beautiful poem!! I am going to add Ashlynn and Janine and her family to my prayers.
    Blessings in HIM...Chelle