Monday, September 12, 2011

Our New Addition

What a wonderful day, today has been.

After dropping my girls off at school this morning and arriving home. Alec (He helps me in the garden) came up to me and said, "Are you looking for your puppy?" I looked at him blankly, Huh? Nope I said we don't have a puppy. (We do have 4 adult dogs, all present and accounted for.) He then tells me that there is a puppy at my gate... OK I've just driven up my driveway, and I'm sure that I would have noticed a puppy...

So he, I and Kenzie take a stroll down the drive way. I stay on a small holding, I have a looooong driveway. And sure as nuts, there is the sweetest little puppy. A little under weight, and very happy to see me!

What to do?

In April this year, we had to put one of our very sweet little dogs down. Mr Wriggles was the sweetest pooch. He was part of our family for 10 years. And he belonged to my Janique. She was his little mommy. Where ever Nix was, there was Wriggles. He slept on her bed the whole 9 yards. They had such a special bond. We had to put him down because he was paralysed after playing rough with our very large Boer Bull cross. To say that Nix was devastated was an understatement. She cried for weeks.

She has slept with his picture next to her bed, ever since he went to Heaven.

My girl has been asking for quite some time now for another puppy to love. But to be quite honest, I have brushed her requests aside. Our Kenz is only now starting to sleep through the night, and the thought of a disruptive puppy is far to much for me to consider right now.

So back to my question... What to do?!

On the inside of me I knew exactly what needed to be done.

So off to the vet I went, with Kenzie in tow, and we had this little sweetie checked out. She is a stray, no-one is looking for her, and she is malnourished...

We had her de-wormed, and she got her shots.

After we got home, I sought the Father's face.

I know that it is a small matter, but nothing is too small or insignificant for Jesus. If it matters to me, It matters to Him.

I got my answer, this little pup has found us for a reason, and we are to take good care of her.

So I set off to fetch the girls. Ash got to the car first. As soon as she saw what was on my lap, she squealed with delight "Oh Mommy, you've got Janique a puppy!!"

?? I thought, I was going to give Janique the honor of naming this little pup.

That's kinda when the light bulb started to flicker on for me.

As soon as Nix got in the car.... "Oh Mommy she is so beautiful!" (^^,)
The name is Arwen (named for the Elf Princess in Lord of the Rings) Precious hey!?

When we got home, and Nix got a good look at her, she came to me excitedly... "look Mommy, she has long legs just like me, she is just perfect!"

So I left them alone for a minute. After a while I found Nix in the kitchen, where she had tears streaming down her face, "Mommy" she says "Jesus is so good to me! He knew just what I needed when He sent me this little princess"

Okay, so by now the light bulb is on. This is so not about me. This is about my sweet big girl, and her Jesus.

I get teary just sitting here thinking about it.

Sweet friends, Our Precious Jesus is so interested in every aspect of our lives.

So without further ado, please welcome the newest member of the Mansfield family...

Our little Princess Arwen

Chat soon, sweet friends

Niqui xx

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  1. She is so gorgeous my sis and most precious of all is how God knows the heart of our children and knows EXACTLY how to make Himself so real to them. Thank you for this amazing reminder. It so blesses and encourages my heart today!!!