Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Day at the Dam

Yay, summer is here! And what better way to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon, than on the water!

After church this morning, we joined Dad and Mom for a relaxed day the the Vaal Dam.
The Mansfield family has a house at the dam, along with a boat. In the summer it is a wonderful day out.

Let's get the boat...

Life Jackets on... okay lets go!Go! Go!

Oh my! Kenzie has her two most favourite people around her!!

Daddy, and...

Grampa!!!  No need for the Mommy!! sniff

Thank goodness for my big girls! (^^,)


What a wonderful day!

With beautiful memories made!

I treasure family time

Thank you Precious Jesus, for precious family

Chat soon, sweet friends

Niqui xx

1 comment:

  1. Such beautiful pictures!!! I want to be there with you too! Sending you ALL my love. How beautiful you all are and I am so thankful that each of you are my family too!