Friday, September 2, 2011

The South African Tattoo

What fun we had last night!

Dawn treated the girls and I to the South African Tattoo! I had no idea what we were in for, I know that the tattoo has it's roots in the military, but that's about all I knew.

But first we had to stop for a coffee...

Got our seats, and got comfy

Then we waited for the show to start...

Eventually after the VIP's were seated (only the Minister of Defence and some army Veterans, (all in uniforms I might add) Awesome hey. They were seated close to us!)

Did the show get under way...

First up the Presidential Band, they play at all the important gigs!

Here are some of the other performers...

Below are pic's of the Kroonstad Army Band. They were fabulous, they came out playing one of Lady Gaga's tunes. The crowd loved them. They ended off playing the Waca waca song by Shakira. The leader as well as some of the other band members danced for us. They could have given Shakira a run for her money!

The Bag Pipers were amazing, and earned two thumbs up from our Dawn (^^,)

We were entertained by this group of dancers, who have represented our Country, world wide. They were electric to watch!

The Police Band sang us songs from The Lion King and Mango Groove

Then there were the Highland Dancers,

This is the Defence Force drummers. They were my absolute favourite! The talent among these men was incredible!

Then the whole cast came to the fore, and we sang our National Anthem! What a cool moment! I am a proud South African, and I love my country.

This was my favourite part of the evening, the whole cast was on the field, with all the band, and they played Amazing Grace. This touched my heart so much. Freedom doesn't come free. We walk in the most amazing freedom, that our saviour secured for us, in laying down His life for us!! He gives us His Amazing Grace, for free, He loves us fiercely!!

The lone piper closed the show, with a haunting song in honour of all those brave men and woman who have lost their lives.

Freedom doesn't come free.

Thank you Dawn for blessing the girls and I with the most wonderful evening out!!

Have a wonderful week-end, my sweet friends

Chat soon,

Niqui xx

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  1. What a wonderful night your friend shared with you. Hope you have a great weekend.