Monday, September 5, 2011

A Week-End spent with Jan

Oh my word!! Can you believe it, I'm off again...

I had the most wonderful week-end away. I went down to Port Elizabeth to spend the week-end with my precious sis, Jan.

 I am such a blessed girl. My very best friend just happens to be my sweet little sister. It stinks being so far away from her! Jan is expecting her third child, and is 8 months preggers. I have not had a chance to see her baby bump yet. She is carrying our little Zack, and looking so very beautiful! On our side of the family he is the first little boy to be born. We have 8 little girls on our side! We are so eagerly awaiting his arrival!

About a month ago, when I was with Mom, Jan had to go for a Doppler scan. The doc had a few concerns. Anyways the results from the scan have been anything but positive. In actual fact, the report shows, that our little man has a very deformed heart. His chances of survival are slim to none according to the medical fraternity. BUT, we are covered in the blood of Jesus!! We are standing on the rock, and will not be moved. Zac has been healed, and now we are waiting for the confirmation of that! When God tell you something, we can be rest assured that He will stand over His word to perform it! I love how the Amplified Bible defines Faith... 'The leaning of your entire human personality on Him in absolute trust and confidence in His power, wisdom and goodness! All we need to do is believe!!

To be truly inspired, pop into her Blog

I was so excited to be part of Jan's shower, we surprised her! It was so special

Penny is Jan's sister in law. She is such fun, she helped put the shower together.
Thanx Pen!!

It was so special to spend good quality time with Janni.

What an absolute blessing this week end was! I was able to fill up my love tank, and be inspired to be a better person! Spending time with Jan is so special. She is so wise! I learn so much from her!!

Chat soon, sweet friends

Niqui xx


  1. How I LOVED our precious time together my sis. You are the world's best big sis ever and thank goodness I don't have to share you ;0) Thank you for making last weekend so special. Please send me those pics so I can keep them too. Precious memories!!!

  2. I thank the Lord that the two of you had time to spend together. Niqui, I think your steps to PE were you listening to our Daddy and knowing that Janine needed you right now. Lovely, lovely photos and special memories. xx